When to Run, Where to Hide

by Athletics

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released September 2, 2016


Jimmy Boyce
John Cannon
Howie Cohen
Zachary West
Garrett Yaeger

Thank You
Pete Steinkopf - Engineer at Little Eden
Chris Vandeviver - Drum Engineer at Brass Palace
Gregory Dunn - Mixing
Mike Kalajian - Mastering
Julie Chencinski - Artwork



all rights reserved


Athletics Asbury Park, New Jersey

Thanks for sticking with us. Enjoy!

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Track Name: When to Run
Fuck me I know I messed this up.
Nothing left to do but run, in your direction.
Connection slipping through my hands, it kills me when it ends without intervention.

Everyone that you love, can't bury anything that you cover up.

So can we take a break? Because your hiding hands have seen some better days. Control gives way, now we all know someone and nothing's going to change.

Everyone is undone, we've given everything for you to give up.

Connection slipping through my hands, it kills me when it ends without intervention. Can we take a break? Because your trembling hands have seen some better days.
Track Name: Where to Hide
I've got holes in both my feet
And empty shotgun shells beneath
I've been shooting up a storm
Intentionally trying to eliminate
What stands beneath me standing and the floor

This bed on two by fours
Where I hide my defeated side
Just held together barely getting by
Beneath my weight
Decisions that I’ve made
I habitually cycle through
And loop them on repeat
In the worst way
In my worst way

Been digging graves with my bare hands
So inefficiently
And the right ways I’ll just never understand
Lock me indoors, swallow my key
Let’s see if I can claw my way through walls
Or get some fucking sleep
And dream of missing out
The chance to shoot myself right in the foot again
Within the first few hours
Of quiet and peace, two things I’m told that I should need
But my requirements for those two polar opposites
Are two hungry mouths to feed